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Apex Health Associates is the specialist nursing practice – owned, run and managed by nursing professionals. We have developed a reputation for providing exceptional clinical advice. We provide expert witness services across a wide range of sectors.

What do our clients say about us?

I first met Scott Lister and Cate Humphries when I found myself in 2017, as the main person taking care of my mother’s affairs, faced with the refusal of the CCG to continue to fully cover her nursing home fees through CHC funding, despite her severe and chronic illnesses.

I came across Apex Health Associates purely by chance and from day one Scott, Cate and later on Jane, welcomed me and made me feel so at ease. The admin staff were brilliant and really helpful. Apex agreed to take on our mother’s case on a pro bono basis, because they were so convinced that CCG’s ought to have granted the full funding. It was an extremely challenging time, with phone calls, forms to fill in, documents to produce, meetings and hearings to attend.

I feel emotional just thinking about how hard Scott and Cate worked in particular: drawing up reports and statements in conjunction with myself and arguing my case every step of the way. There is no way the family could have afforded this support had it not been provided pro bono and we are eternally grateful. Failure to keep the case going through the appeal system could have meant having to move our mother out of her nursing home, which would have caused her and the family a great deal of distress and disruption and she would almost certainly have had less quality of life and a shorter one.

Eventually, the CCG granted full funding, nearly two years later. I would recommend Apex Health Associates to anyone because they are professional, thorough, compassionate and very determined. Thank you ever so much once again Scott and team!

Donna – Continuing Health Care Client