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COVID 19 – Future litigation

  Scott Lister is a practising nurse (expert) and a (currently) non-practising solicitor of the High Court of England and Wales.  In this article Scott will explore the potential areas of likely litigation within the UK as the COVID-19 crisis (hopefully) starts to calm and abate. The pandemic has been catastrophic; 4.5 million people (within…
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21st June 2021 0

Care Home Life – Working with the threat of COVID-19

We have been talking to many care home operators over the last few weeks about their experiences in continuing to provide a caring supportive environment to the people that live in their services. To say that the Care Homes are providing an amazing service is an understatement. The dedication of staff is phenomenal, awe inspiring…
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17th April 2020 0

Medico-legal concepts in Neurology – The Parkinson’s Patient

Neurology in general is a complex set of disease processes, which not every Nurse will be familiar with. However, the basics of good quality care still apply and every patient with a Neurological condition can still present with something that is not related to the Neurology. This said, Nurses must keep that disease in mind…
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3rd August 2016 0