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Life in the Operating Room

What actually goes on in an operating theatre? Is it all blood, guts and drama? Well in a nutshell….. There is often an air of uncertainty and mystique when it comes to the operating theatres. People commonly have a preconceived idea of what they think they are going to expect once they see a sign…
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26th October 2015 0

Scott Lister, Nurse Consultant at Apex Health Associates, interviews Paula Mason about her role as physicans’ assistant and her expert witness work

SCOTT: Paula, can you tell us about your current clinical role? PAULA: I currently work as a Physicians’ Assistant (Anaesthesia) in a large teaching hospital based in Manchester, and, I am also a qualified nurse. My clinical background has been predominantly in the operating theatre environment and I have worked in scrub, anaesthetics and recovery…
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19th October 2015 0

Patient safety in mental health care – considerations for clinicians

‘Patient safety’ is an important (and topical) subject in all settings, with health departments of the respective UK governments repeatedly highlighting how the development of a patient safety culture across the NHS is vital. The publication of the report into the Mid-Staffordshire failings and the Berwick review in 2013 have both brought into sharp focus…
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15th August 2014 0

Culture of Incident Reporting

The purpose of incident reporting is a key determinant in the understanding of how and why things go wrong in healthcare today. It has been evidenced that over the past decade there has been a dramatically positive change in the culture within healthcare to internally report those incidents that have either caused harm to patients,…
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21st July 2014 0

Nurse experts

All nurses are experts in one way or another. Our expertise for instance allows us to prioritise a busy schedule looking after patients, juggling medication and ward rounds, supporting relatives and colleagues. As clinical techniques, professional regulation and medical knowledge continue to evolve and change, that expertise is constantly sustained and expanded by training and…
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25th April 2014 0

The medico-legal nurse

Clinical negligence cases are often complex cases requiring lawyers and their experts to unpick treatment offered to patients and determining if this fell below a reasonable standard. The majority of clinical negligence lawyers are not dual qualified as medical staff and therefore are reliant on medical professionals to assist them with the interpretation of claimants’…
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7th April 2014 0