Care Home Life – Working with the threat of COVID-19

We have been talking to many care home operators over the last few weeks about their experiences in continuing to provide a caring supportive environment to the people that live in their services. To say that the Care Homes are providing an amazing service is an understatement. The dedication of staff is phenomenal, awe inspiring…
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17th April 2020 0

Medico-legal concepts in Neurology – The Parkinson’s Patient

Neurology in general is a complex set of disease processes, which not every Nurse will be familiar with. However, the basics of good quality care still apply and every patient with a Neurological condition can still present with something that is not related to the Neurology. This said, Nurses must keep that disease in mind…
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3rd August 2016 0

‘Never Events’ and the safety barriers

The operating theatre is a rather unique department within a hospital. Patients may need life or limb saving surgery or they may just be looking forward to having a new hip or knee which will give them a new lease of life. Surgery does however have the potential to cause unintentional serious harm or even…
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4th February 2016 0

Life in the Operating Room

What actually goes on in an operating theatre? Is it all blood, guts and drama? Well in a nutshell….. There is often an air of uncertainty and mystique when it comes to the operating theatres. People commonly have a preconceived idea of what they think they are going to expect once they see a sign…
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26th October 2015 0

Scott Lister, Nurse Consultant at Apex Health Associates, interviews Paula Mason about her role as physicans’ assistant and her expert witness work

SCOTT: Paula, can you tell us about your current clinical role? PAULA: I currently work as a Physicians’ Assistant (Anaesthesia) in a large teaching hospital based in Manchester, and, I am also a qualified nurse. My clinical background has been predominantly in the operating theatre environment and I have worked in scrub, anaesthetics and recovery…
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19th October 2015 0

Accuracy and Patient Records

Why is accuracy in documenting patients’ record so essential? Patient documentation is not only a legal requirement, but forms part of good practice and the process of keeping patients safe. Although both the medical and nursing professions have guidance in patient documentation, in practice medical notes are often imprecise and incomplete. It is not until…
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2nd August 2015 0

Medical Notes & Records – Best Practice

Below is the text from an article that Scott Lister and Liz Bardolph prepared for The Expert Witness Journal – Spring 2015 Click here for a copy of the original: Medical Notes and Records – Best Practice _________ Both Scott and Liz have extensive experience of reviewing medical notes and records for the purposes of investigations and/or…
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7th July 2015 0

The changing face of aesthetics from a nursing perspective

Introduction During the last 25 years nurses have been at the forefront in the treatment of non-surgical aesthetic procedures. These include the use of dermal fillers, the botulinum type A toxin cosmetically, chemical peels, and laser treatments. As well as treating patients many are instructing and mentoring their medical colleagues. Recognising that a new specialty…
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26th March 2015 0

The Advancement Of The Nursing Roles Within The Primary Care Arena

The media, in particular television loves medical drama and our screens are populated with the heroics of the uniformly attractive staff of Holby City and Casualty, the even more glamorous ER and the humorous Scrubs. However, after watching a recent episode of Call the Midwife I began to reflect on the dramatic advances in primary…
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26th February 2015 0